Community Involvement

Growing up in a close-knit region with a father who served as a reverend in the local community, it was no surprise to anyone that Sir Earl Toon decided to give back to everyone around him whenever possible. His charity involvement has been talked about for years now – everything from “A Musical Feast” to “Give a Kid a Coat.”

With “A Musical Feast,” Sir Earl Toon, along with other musical artists from across the world, dedicated time and energy to providing incredible homemade recipes to a large cookbook. In total, over 100 musicians and singers contributed their creative recipes to the book. The best part of the whole thing is the proceeds raised funds for the homeless. While certainly not a solo effort, Sir Earl Toon played a part in raising those funds to ensure the homeless were cared for where they needed it most.

Sir Earl Toon was one of the founding members of the charity “Give a Kid a Coat,” along with Carla Harrell, Mark Pierce, and Dr. Allen R. Sullivan. The community foundation was formed in an effort to ensure children had access to warm clothes during the cold winter months. In 2013, over 650 coats and other warm clothing items were collected for the benefit of children who needed them.

This year, on December 11, at Trinity Groves in Dallas, TX, the foundation will host “A Day of Giving & a Night of Celebration” in an effort to raise more warm clothing items for children in need. Unfortunately, many children go without warm clothing or jackets in the coldest months of the year. Sir Earl Toon and others strive to ensure that is no longer the case, though. It takes time, but the best work always does, right?


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